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16 Jan
Sounds like it might work...

Date: Tue, 16 Jan 96 21:57:26 -0800
From: Peter Langston <psl>
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Subject: Sounds like it might work...

From: "Miryam [Mickey] Williamson" <wmson@EQUINOX.SHAYSNET.COM>

A year ago I wrote what follows (copyright 1995) as part of my column for
The Outline, a newsletter published by the Western Massachusetts local of
the National Writers Union.


If I wanted to become the United States' first dictator, here's what I'd do:

I'd sow contempt for and distrust of government, while pretending a
passionate belief in democracy.  I'd go on television, look the American
people straight in the camera lens, and lie -- about those who disagreed
with me, and about my own intentions.

I'd brand all forms of taxation as evil, declare my intention to cut taxes
for the working class, and cut them, instead, for only the very rich.  I'd
pit poor and working class people against each other so that they could
waste their energies fighting amongst themselves on issues such as equal
opportunity and immigration.

I'd impoverish our education system so that the majority of children would
graduate as borderline illiterates, unable to formulate a single analytical
thought.  I'd get everyone whipped up about crime and the drug trade, while
formulating policies to facilitate both.
I'd run political campaigns so vicious that people who value their dignity
and their families' privacy would shun involvement in the electoral system.
I'd make campaigning so expensive that only the very rich could afford to
run for office.

I'd argue vigorously for term limits for legislators, so that there would be
no one around with the experience and public credibility to challenge me.
I'd tighten up the economy until it squeaked, so that all but the very rich
had to devote all of their attention to keeping their economic chins above
the water line.  "Don't make waves" would become the rallying cry of the

Eventually, I'd get my way in all things, because no one would be around who
could mount an effective challenge....

Miryam Ehrlich Williamson [Mickey]  <>
Chair, Western Mass. Local, National Writers Union
Co-Chair for Education, NWU New Technologies Campaign

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