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Weirdness [413] - 5Jan96

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Subject: Weirdness [413] - 5Jan96

Excerpted-from: WEIRDNUZ.413 (News of the Weird, January 5, 1996)
by Chuck Shepherd

* In Payson, Ariz., in a July pretrial hearing on a slander lawsuit, Judge
Michael Flournoy permitted "testimony" from a man who had been dead for 500
years, as presented by channeler Trina Kamp, who contacted him from the
witness stand after courtroom lights were dimmed.  Kamp's Church of the
Immortal Consciousness needed the long-dead Dr. Pahlvon Duran (its spiritual
leader) to "explain" that a local couple's attack against it was wrong.
Judge Flournoy said later he allowed the seance because he thought Kamp
would drop the lawsuit once Duran's testimony was heard. [Arizona Republic,
    [I'm reminded of the answer to the question "What do you call a
     lawyer with an I.Q. of 50?"  The answer?  "Your honor."  -psl]

* The Denver Post reported in October that a man who gained notoriety for
counseling gay men that they could undo their homosexuality was accused by
two counselees of engaging in long sessions of phone sex with them.  Said
one accuser of ex-Rev. Colin Cook, "He thinks if he's having erotic phone
conversations, it's okay because he's not having sex." [UPI wirecopy,
10-27-95; Rocky Mountain News, 11-17-95]

* Chiropractors in the News:  In July, the Massachusetts board that
regulates chiropractors considered revoking the license of Ronald Goldstein
after testimony from former patients that he touched them sexually during
examinations, tried to market a hypnosis service for breast enlargement,
and talked to them about his having been abducted by space aliens.  And in
October Dr.  John Schuett, 36, was charged with battery in Waukesha, Wis.,
after he allegedly ordered a woman into his office, grabbed her, put his
mouth over her right eye, sucked on it, stabbed her in the neck with an
acupuncture needle, and began reading aloud from the Bible. [Lowell Sun,
7-12-95] [Wisconsin State Journal, 10-4- 95]

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