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6 Feb
Telecom bill - The first of two minor things you can do...

Date: Tue, 6 Feb 96 17:38:13 -0800
From: Peter Langston <psl>
To: Fun_People
Subject: Telecom bill - The first of two minor things you can do...

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		The Blue Ribbon Campaign

	for Online Freedom of Speech, Press and Association


A blue ribbon is chosen as the symbol for the preservation of basic civil  
rights in the electronic world. 

EFF asks that a blue ribbon be worn or displayed to show support for the  
essential human right of free speech. This fundamental building block of free  
society, affirmed by the U.S. Bill of Rights in 1791, and by the U.N.  
Declaration of Human Rights in 1948, has been sacrificed in the 1996 Telecom  

The blue ribbon will be a way to raise awareness of these issues, and for the  
quiet voice of reason to be heard. 

The voice of reason knows that free speech doesn't equate to abuse of women  
and children, or the breeding of hatred or intolerance. 


All internet users are strongly encouraged to place a blue ribbon graphic on  
their servers, such as this one below. [not visible here, natch.  -psl]

 Many other versions are available , including borderless, transparent, grey  
and black backrounds, smaller versions, and a textless version for  
incorporation into larger banners (as a standalone icon, please use the  
versions with text, so people have some idea that there IS a blue ribbon  
campaign and what is about when the first encounter it - not everyone has a  
color monitor, so the verbal name of the campaign is important to pass  
around.) Thank you for your support and activism, and remember - it's YOUR  
rights you are fighting for! Wear a real blue ribbon, so people ask you what  
it's all about. 

If you are not sure why you need to stand up for your free speech, or  
uncertain how your rights are threatened, please see our Internet Censorship  
Legislation Alerts Page  

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