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8 Feb
A new tactic to combat net censorship.

Date: Thu, 8 Feb 96 18:22:16 -0800
From: Peter Langston <psl>
To: Fun_People
Subject: A new tactic to combat net censorship.

[Well, not exactly new... -psl]

From: Dan Tenenbaum <>

The Telecom bill is much in the news these days. People on the net
are coming up with ideas to combat censorship, ideas that strike me
as ineffectual.

It's all very well and good to make your Web pages black, or wear a blue
ribbon on your clothing or your Web site, but these are nothing more than
symbolic gestures.

What I would like to see is for thousands upon thousands of Web sites to
intentionally break the law and feature "indecent" material prominently.
It would be impossible to prosecute all offenders. Legal resources could
be diverted to the people who were prosecuted and they could challenge
the constitutionality of the Telecom Bill.

Although I am by no means a visual artist, I have stepped in to do my part.
Have a look at

But before you do, BE WARNED: this is guaranteed to be offensive to
just about everyone, for one reason or another. And it's ILLEGAL. If you
visit the URL above, your name will be logged into a FEMA computer and
you will be rounded up and thrown into a concentration camp when massive
civil unrest begins (I'll see you there).

Feel free to take this image and put it on your site. Better yet, create
your own (ideally, one that looks better than mine; I'll use it!).

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