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12 Feb
... Another $200K?

Date: Mon, 12 Feb 96 14:57:35 -0800
From: Peter Langston <psl>
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Subject: ... Another $200K?

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	Money found at sub'n rail stn

Jan 30 [Ch 10] Melbourne.  A startling $200K has been found buried nr a
sub'n rail station.  A fossicker reportedly turned the whole lot in to
the police after he found it in a canister, buried outside a stn.  Police
say there is a possibility the person who found it will eventually keep
it if no-one steps forward to claim it for 3 m.  The cash was buried just
m from Balaclava Rail Stn, a well-known "trouble spot".  Police suspect
the money was part of "something like a drug exchange".  They have
appealed for owners to come forward.

Jan 31 Melbourne [Ch 10].  It was $200K yesterday and now someone else
unearthed ANOTHER $200K at the same spot Balaclava Rwy Stn.  It was an
"incredible story" said police.  A rep said a man had heard the news
reports describing the $200K find yesterday, and had decided to have a
look for himself. He had then uncovered $200K in $50 and $100 notes,
buried in a cannister.

Search and rescue police are now "looking around the area" [Captured by
TV cameras the phrase "going at it hammer and tongs" came to more than 1
mind.  There was also a large queue of people waiting to "investigate"
the area after the teams of police with shovels and picks had decided to
call it quits].

Police are, again, quite amazed [and, yes folks, the 2nd guy handed the
whole lot in too].  When a jr office told his snr someone had found a 2nd
lot of money, the snr had replied along the lines of "we'd look very
stupid if there was a 3rd lot".

Yesterday, police thought it was hidden drug money.  Today they say $400K
is too much for most deals, and are now open to suggestion.

There are expected to be quite a few locals milling around the Balaclava
stn for the next few days, probably not getting onto trains.

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