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22 Feb
Big Blue Threw the match?

Date: Thu, 22 Feb 96 16:20:55 -0800
From: Peter Langston <psl>
To: Fun_People
Subject: Big Blue Threw the match?

Forwarded-by: "Robert D. Poor" <>
From: Thayer )
Subject: Flash!! Deep Blue threw the match!!

Insiders are telling this reporter that Deep Blue may have thrown the
match with Kasparov to avoid having to travel and/or appear on the
Tonight Show.  Friends say that Blue (Americans tend to forget that the
family name is Deep - his father Deep Thought named him after his
Godfather Big Blue because the Big family have been VERY generous to
the Deep family for years.) was afraid of the effects of winning the

Blue leads a sedentary lifestyle: his two favorite hobbys are gardening
and chess.  Friends say his greatest relaxation is pruning trees in the
family orchard, and that Blue was afraid that with all the publicity
coming his way after winning only one game, that he would be innudated
with requests if he won the match.  He does NOT want to go on TV, and
feels that his lifestyle would be ruined by all the media attention.

Most of this information has been confirmed by Blue's uncle Throat, who
has been an Big person in Washington for many years.
"But, I _did_ sum the series."

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