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22 Feb
Re: Re: A Leap Day Project

Date: Thu, 22 Feb 96 18:59:07 -0800
From: Peter Langston <psl>
To: Fun_People
Subject: Re:  Re: A Leap Day Project

[These are in response to Peter Honeyman's response to my fowarding of the
 "Leap Day Project" suggestion...  You remember... the one where he called
 me "a stooge!"  ... sniff!  -psl]

From: Dan Tenenbaum <>

Clinton did not veto the telecom bill. He is culpable.

From: Jesse Clark <>

> From:  The Pullover Poet[]

> A good point.
>  --D

Mmmm... the bastard Clinton could've vetoed the TelCom bill.  It's stupid
to get mad at congress for acting like Republicans because they ARE
Republicans, but it seems only appropriate to me to "demonize" the
President for acting like a Republican, because (lest we forget) he's a
Democrat.  "Complain only to those who will listen," after all. I believe
this is a very fitting way to illustrate the displeasure of netheads.
 It's slightly moronic, sure, but so is dumping tea in a harbor.
 Desperate times, and all that. In other words, I disagree, it's NOT "a
good point."  Anyone can call you a stooge if you're joining a mass
movement, and that's a good time to ask yourself if what you're doing
really accomplishes your goals, or if it's also furthering some other
agenda.  But "joining," in and of itself, does not a stooge make.
 Sending a gadzillion copies of the American Bill of Rights to the White
House, and possibly crashing their server, seems to me like it would
attract attention to the displeasure of the populace over the recent
outrageous violation of that venerable Bill.  That checks out with MY
agenda, and if it coincidentally accomplishes some other vile thing,
somebody would do me a favor by telling me so.

 --Moe "not a stooge" Howard

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