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23 Feb
F-16 Bumper Stickers

Date: Fri, 23 Feb 96 16:52:35 -0800
From: Peter Langston <psl>
To: Fun_People
Subject: F-16 Bumper Stickers 

Forwarded-by: (Michael L Drapkin)
Forwarded-by: Buck Reese <>
Forwarded-by: Koons, Garry,  ASSD
Forwarded by one of our F-16 brethren:
"Lean, Mean, Flameout Machine."
"I SHALL RETURN...Well, I might."
"Mach Nix."
"The F-16.  Takes a licking, and takes a licking."
"Have you hugged your chute today?"
"This Vehicle Makes Frequent Stops."
"I came.  I saw.  I bingo'd."
"No deposit, no return."
"We've spent so much money on this thing that we can't afford to admit we
    were wrong."
"A triumph of style over substance."
"The best damn second place fighter in the world."
"Instead of a CAS mod, we're going to install a roll bar."
"And now with this LANTIRN thing and our new Block 40's, we can hit the
    ground at NIGHT!"
"We cover the target like a thong bikini."
"And BINGO is my Name-O."
"We crash more airplanes before 9-o'clock than most people crash all day."
"Your courtesy appreciated.  Please replace your divots."
"A war record exceeding even the B-1."
"Last in the talent show, but first in the swimsuit competition."
"Lose a few, lose a few."
"Feet and knees together, eyes on the horizon..."
"Designated no-hitter."
"Everything you wanted in a fighter and less."
"Optimist:  F-16 pilot who's worried about dying from cancer."
"Only Michael Jackson is more manly."
"Hey, today we didn't lose a single jet."
"This is going to hurt me more than it's going to hurt you."
"user friendly...if you've got three hands."
"If we have a war with BDUs, we've got 'em beat."
"Careful badguys...I'm carrying BOTH bombs today.  I'm talkin' wall-to-wall
    MK-82's Pal."

	If I carried more weapons, and if
	I had enough gas, and if
	I could actually hit the target, and if
	I had some more REALLY expensive electrons so I could find you, and if
	My motor didn't quit, and if
	My wings didn't crack,
	Boy, I'd really teach you a lesson!

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