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24 Feb
Sportswear, Generalization, and the Gynecologist

Date: Sat, 24 Feb 96 14:40:20 -0800
From: Peter Langston <psl>
To: Fun_People
Subject: Sportswear, Generalization, and the Gynecologist

Inspired by a joke:
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    One day, while examining a new patient, a gynecologist notices a large
but faint letter "O" on the patient's chest and asks... "Pardon me miss,
but where in the world did you get that 'O' on your chest?"

    "Oh that...well, my boyfriend has this nasty old Ohio State sweatshirt
that he likes to wear when we make love.  The other day we were fooling
around and the sex got so hot, the 'O' just melted off and marked my chest."

    A week later, another patient shows up for her annual examination. When
she takes off her shirt, the doctor sees a big letter "K" on her skin. Again,
the doctor is amazed and asks: "My goodness, where did you get that 'K'?"

    "Well, you see doctor, my husband is a big Kentucky basketball fan who
insists on wearing his favorite 'good luck' UK T-shirt when we have sex.
Last night we were making love and boy...did we get into it. It was
incredibly intense and the 'K' just got pressed right into my skin!"

    Another week goes by and a new patient shows up for her examination. When
she takes off her shirt the doctor sees the imprint of a huge letter "M" on
her chest.  Well, the doctor, remembering the last two patients exhibiting
similar conditions, asks this patient: "Let me guess. Your partner went to
Michigan State and he wore a Michigan State shirt the last time you two had
sex.  Right?"

    The woman gives the doctor a puzzled look and replies: "Why no, doctor...  
My partner, she went to the University of Wisconsin."

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