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24 Feb
Bishop Buchanan's Autos-da-fe

Date: Sat, 24 Feb 96 15:34:51 -0800
From: Peter Langston <psl>
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Subject: Bishop Buchanan's Autos-da-fe

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From: Gerry O'Sullivan

Everyone in the media seems to have forgotten that the Larry Pratt incident
wasn't the first case of "fascist footsie" for Patrick Buchanan.  It was
Buchanan who defended Arthur Rudolph against deportation when it was learned
that Rudolph had overseen the underground Mittelwerk factory in the Harz
Mountains, a Nazi rocket-making operation which used slave labor from nearby
Dora-Nordhausen.  Rudolph had served as an SA Oberscharfuhrer, and later
stood by during the  hangings of twelve of his factory "slaves" by members
of the SS.

After being approached by representatives from "The Spotlight" and
"Instauration," Buchanan -- acting in his capacity as White House
communications director -- began agitating for the elimination of the OSI.
It was also Buchanan who helped arrange Reagan's visit to the Bitburg
Cemetary.  This is, of course, the very same Buchanan who supported George
Wallace, and wrote the following on government funding for abortions for
Peace Corps volunteers: "[The US shouldn't be] shelling out 50-grand a year
to execute the unborn children of upper-middle-class bimbos whose idea of
bringing the blessings of Western Civilization to the Third World is to take
a tumble in the hay with the local witchdoctor."

The best and most comprehensive record of Buchanan's anti-semitism is
William F. Buckley's essay in "National Review" for 30 December 1991, "In
Search of Anti-Semitism."  Sad to say, I visited the ADL's homepage last
night in search of materials on Buchanan, and found nothing.

If anyone has anything to add to this online "circular," let's pass it
around.  Buchanan is as bad as LePen, as bad as Zhirinovsky, or Westbrook
Pegler, or Fr. Coughlin.  And yet, the silence on his record has been
deafening so far...

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