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1 Mar
Limericks about limericks

Date: Fri, 1 Mar 96 18:04:28 -0800
From: Peter Langston <psl>
To: Fun_People
Subject: Limericks about limericks

From: Lani Herrmann <>
> From Sun Feb 25 20:26 PST 1996
> Subject: (fwd) More limericks about limericks (fwd)
 > (Jim Wygralak) wrote in rec.humor.funny:
>A friend of mine came up with this one and gave me permission to submit
>it, saying he wanted to be attributed by his initials, EFS, only.

>There once was a man from the sticks,
>Who liked to write limericks.
>But he failed at the sport,
>Because he wrote them too short.

Ah yes. Jokes on limerick length. I remember seeing the following two
similar jokes in OMNI magazine back in the early 80's, though I don't
know where they got them:

There once was a lady from Crewe
Whose limerics went to line two.
There once was a man from Verdun.
Thus inspired, my brother Scott and I set about making joke limericks for
3, 4, and 6 lines. If memory serves:
There once was a lady from Bree
Whose limericks went to line three,
And never went farther.
There once was a man on the floor
Whose limericks went to line four.
He'd start up the trend,
and then it would end.
There once was a man from the Styx
Whose limericks went to line six.
He never did know
How far they should go,
And never did bother to fix
Them at all.
Of course, you can joke on things that aren't length:
There once was a man with a dime
Who wrote limericks some of the time.
He wrote just a bit,
But they sounded like s___
'Cuz he never could get them to sound right.
[Oh okay, I'll indulge myself with my own favorite self-referential limerick:

A cheerful young lad from Iran
Wrote poems that wouldn't quite scan
  When asked how he'd do it
  He'd say, "Nothing to it!"
I just always try to put as many words in the last line as I possibly can!

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