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4 Mar
At a recent Process Improvement Team (PIT) meeting...

Date: Mon, 4 Mar 96 13:19:44 -0800
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Subject: At a recent Process Improvement Team (PIT) meeting...

[This just goes to show that meetings are meetings, be they Process  
Improvement Teams or Boards of Directors... -psl]

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	True Stories of Induhviduals

This story comes from a hospital worker in Santa Cruz:

At a recent Process Improvement Team (PIT) meeting, one of the Food service
staff brought up a problem she thought should be listed as an "issue

It seems that there was a problem with staff not knowing when it was OK to
enter a patient's room.  She wanted to know if maybe signs could be put up
informing the staff when an exam was in progress; if the patient was on a
bedpan; if the patient was sleeping etc,etc.  After about 20 minutes of
discussion, I suggested what I thought was the obvious answer.  "How about
just knocking on the door?"

The food service worker said that that might work in a lot of cases, but
what about when the patient was dead?  I asked if that was really a big
problem.  She said "OH YES! Why just last week one of my co-workers was
trying to feed yogurt to a person who turned out to be dead."

This being a group of VERY professional people with a VERY serious mission
we all tried VERY hard not to laugh.  We were not VERY successful. After
the not too well concealed laughter finally died down the guy sitting next
to me leaned over and showed me his list of issue statements.  On the last
line he had  written, "Sometimes dead people won't eat their yogurt."

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