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5 Mar
Cat Believes Humans Can Be Trained

Date: Tue, 5 Mar 96 00:04:14 -0800
From: Peter Langston <psl>
To: Fun_People
Subject: Cat Believes Humans Can Be Trained

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I once read a column about a guy whose cat brought him so many live mice
that he was about to lose his mind.  So he writes to our pet columnist guy
and says, "Hey, I'm losing my mind here.  What's with all these live mice?"

The pet columnist tells him, "Sorry, Charlie, she thinks that you are a
pretty dense kitten.  She's trying to teach you to survive.  If you want
her to stop, you'll have to pick up the mouse IN YOUR MOUTH to prove you've
got her message."  Haha, say most of us, what kind of a dink would do that,

Time passes.

Then the guy writes back in.  He's done it.  He's gotten down on his kitchen
floor, batted the poor little mouse with his hands and picked it up IN HIS
MOUTH (ack! phleck!), and shaken it about to prove he gets it.

His cat, he reported, went berzerk.  She purred, she headbutted, she kneaded
him, she praised him in no uncertain terms.  She was so THRILLED with her
slow boy.  She then pranced away.  And never brought him another live
critter again.

I guess it _might_ be a solution...but then again, just how BIG a problem
is it, after all?

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