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Astronomy & Cosmology Made..., er, ... Interesting

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Lecture Material From Alex Collier From a Jan 1996 Lecture


                                 The Moon

Q: Could you elaborate more on the nature of Earth's moon?

AC: The moon is quite the enigma. Apparently, it was brought here 11,213
years ago in what we know as the month of March. It came here as a base,
carrying extraterrestrials coming here to colonize. They did in fact
colonize. Many of what is left of them are living underground on Earth from
100-200 miles beneath the surface. Now, I've gotten a lot of crap for
talking about this, but I'm just not going to shut up. The beings that
brought this satellite in orbit around Earth are responsible for over
31,000 human children disappearing from the surface of the Earth. Over
100,000 children per year are vanishing from the surface of the Earth, and
the world governments know about this. There was a full-out war on the moon
about 9,600 years ago between the Orion Group and the Pleiadians. They are
now at war again, and there are skermishes happening now outside our solar
system between the Pleiadians and the Greys.

Q: Did our astronauts really go there?

AC: I know there has been a lot of talk about this. Many of the pictures
that you have seen from the surface of the moon were faked, because the
actual pictures showed that there was "stuff" all over the place. Yes, they
did go, but there was manipulation of the result involved. Morenae has told
me that the United States government has 53 of its own disks stationed on
the moon. The astronauts were told to shut up and not say anything. Morenae
has told me that the gravity on the bottom of Copernicus crater is equal to
that in Chicago, Illinois. Apparently, it is not the rotation of planets
that creates gravity, but some aspect of solar radiation. I know this flies
in the face of what you have been told, but it is a fact. Now, our moon
does not turn on its axis. We always see only 59% of it. Our moon is the
only one that does that. The depiction of NASA's view of how moon bases
would look in a 1958 issue of National Geographic is in fact exactly what
they actually built on the moon in February1958. When Kennedy said "we are
going to send men to the moon," part of our government - the NSA - was
already there. The humans on the moon are Aryans by birth, there with
extraterrestrials. You can read between the lines to guage the implications
of that last statement.

Now, you don't hear much about the Russian space program, but let me tell
you something. They are also a major player on the moon. They don't work
for us, but for the international bankers, who are the new "priesthood".

According to the Andromedans, there were 9 huge domed cities on the moon on
the far side, and these domes housed up to 5 million extraterrestrials at
one time. There was water, vegetation and everything. These covered
hundreds of square miles. When Richard Hoagland shows you pictures of the
"shards" that are miles in height, he's right. There's an atmosphere on the
far side of the moon. The astronauts took pictures of clouds.

Along the equator on the far side of the moon, there is a pyramid. There
are four pyramids on the moon. According to the Andromedans, almost all the
planets in our solar system have pyramids on them. Some people say they are
tombs, but the Andromedans say that these are "weights", and if you put
them in strategic location they balance the rotation of the planet. This
means if the ET's are there colonizing, the planetary system needs to be
balanced. That's why the pyramid at Gizeh is exactly dead center of the
land mass on planet Earth.


During the period 69 million years ago on Mars, the planet was much like
Earth, and they had a war on the planet. Morenae has said that many of the
animal life forms that were on Mars are now on Earth, and that when we get
to Mars as a race, we will find that there were dinosaurs and many of the
same animals that we find fossils of now on Earth. Mars was pulled from its
original orbit and rolled three times. The water moved everything. The
bases on Mars were reactivated in 1989 when Orion troops landed and took
over colonies that were settled by humans from Earth. These beings are into
control. There is no such thing as self-rule in the Orion Empire. There is
only one nation on Earth with experience in self-rule - the United States.
This is why the focus is on destroying the United States. It's Sumeria and
Egypt all over again, except on a grander scale. This is the reason the
Andromedans are coming back, because some 300 years into our future there
is tyranny. It has all been traced back to our solar system. We're in the
middle of it.

                     More on Crop Circles and Hale-Bopp

I have asked about crop circles, which the Andromedans say embodies 5th
dimensional geometry,and I have been told that there are two groups leaving
the crops circles. They are showing up in the United States, primarily
along fault lines on the West Coast, and are suppressed by the media and
the federal government.They are making sure that as soon as they are
discovered they are destroyed. One group leaving the crop circles is the
Andromedan Council, which is made up of 139 different races, which is
putting this coded information into the Earth to help stabilize it from
Earth calamities - they are trying to buy us time. Other crops circles are
being left by the Orion Group. Where are they coming from? From Hale-Bopp.
Hale-Bopp is not a comet. It has an atmosphere. It has changed course four
times and will change course two more times before it gets here.

There is also a similar object coming from the constellation of Cancer that
is on its way here. I am told that there are two planetary bodies in the
tail of what we call Hale-Bopp, and when it passes through our solar system
those two structures or planetoids will move out of the "tail" and move
into an orbit around Mercury. This is in the period February-March 1997,
and they are going to tell us "we're here" for sure. That's the latest time
they can arrive. It is the highest probability that in November of 1996
after Spielberg's movie about Roswell is released, they are going to start
telling you thing, such as the fact that they are picking up signals. The
truth is, they started picking up signals back in 1960, and they were
already on the moon with extraterrestrial help. The whole thing is a nested
conspiracy, and it is all for the purpose opf keeping is fat, dumb and
stupid. They don't want to "spook the herd", as a friend of mine said.

It is because "they" fear us. If we stand together and ask for benevolent
help, folks, its going to be there. In fact, I have been told that the
Andromedan Council has decided to directly intervene, but I don't know how.
Right now, as I have said, the Pleiadians are in full-fledged war outside
our solar system. There is increasing death on both sides. The Hubble
Telescope sees it. In fact, there are two Hubble Telescopes - not just one.
The Russians sent one up, but you are not being told about that. The
Andromedans also say that we currently have two suns in our solar system,
but because of the position of Earth, we never see the sister sun. You
could see it, though, from the inner planets. They rotate around each

Cydonia is in the northern hemisphere, and that area was once covered by
water. It is along the equator where most of the colonization occurred.
Before most of the larger cities on Mars were destroyed, they existed in
the southern hemisphere. Phobos is home to a lot of Greys at this time.

             More on the Sound-Frequency from the Black Holes
On March 23, 1994, nineteen suns pole-shifted at once in our galaxy. Many
are pole-shifting all the time. At the same moment that these suns shifted,
a new color-sound frequency began to emanate from all the black holes in
the known universe. Apparently, what this sound and color frequency is
doing is that it is creating a holographic frequency above all the others -
one that from our level would be considered 12th creational density. The
effect is to raise all the other creational densities up. By December 3,
2013 third density as we know it will cease to exist. It is now imploding
on itself as it is being raised to a higher frequency. Those of us who
stick around for the ride will be moving through 4th into 5th density -
just like that. We will start to see very clear indications of this around

               More on the Political and Planetary Situation

Whatever you do, please don't turn on each other. The enemy is underground
and on the moon. It is not your policeman or neighbor. If you want to do
something constructive, and you don't know what to do, just do this one
thing: Come November 1996, vote whoever is in office out of office - that
will buy us some more time. Start over.

The world government has been told that Earth is overpopulated. The truth
is that they cannot control all of the people on the planet mentally -
there are so many of us. According to the Andromedans, our planet could
comfortably handle a population of 11 billion people if we conserved
natural resources and used free energy devices. The political systems have
broken down, and the politicians don't want to take responsibility for what
they have done, and in order to actually fix the problem, they have to give
us more freedom - which they don't want to do. It's easier to create a
situation where half the planet's population gets wiped out and they're
still in charge. I can assure you that the people you call your world
leaders will be sitting on the moon, watching all of this happen, and when
its done they will come back with "answers", just like a politician.

            Geological Change, Energy Shifts and Energy Release

Q: What about the earthquakes?

AC: Some of them are natural and some of them are caused. What you
basically have here is a planet vibrating with the frequencies of fear and
anger. You've got this new frequency called the 12th creational density
which is lifting everything up. The really dense energies cannot move up.
In order for the planet itself to move up, it has to cut loose the dense
energies. The negativity, when it hits the surface of the planet, is
impacting the population. The population is primed for chaos. The world has
a reserve food supply of 53 days. The entire world. The United States, if
there should be a catastrophe, has only a 7 day supply. Are we going to
start "feeding off each other"? That's our modus operadi.

Q: Can you define densities or frequencies?

AC: In this case, a density can be considered a frequency of oscillation of
light and sound. If what they are saying is right, and this is a 21
trillion year nested holograph we are in, this is just light and sound.
Now, there are places in space where there is nothing. According to the
Andromedans, those are places that have not been "magnetizied" by thought.
The first sign of creation, from the Andromedan perspective, is the
electron. The moment that particle is "magnetized" by thought, it comes
alive and starts to create and manifest whatever is energizing it.

Q: If reincarnation will be no more here on Earth, where will all the souls
go to reincarnate?

AC: The Adromendan theory on that is that all physical matter in this 21
trillion-year holograph came out of what we know as "black holes". At the
time our universe was in the process of evolving, other universes were also
doing the same thing. Those things which chose to raise their frequency
went into black holes. Because spirit cannot be destroyed, it has to create
another "space" to continue to evolve. The Andromedans call that "space"

AC:They call our universe "consciousness", because that's what created it.
They say this happened all over again. The January 1, 1996 issue of the
London Sunday Times featured an article which discussed the fact that the
Hubble Space Telescope has found a "floating black hole" which is moving
through Virgo, and it is pulling some suns through it, but not others.
They're actually watching this thing, now. So, there's a God, and whatever
it is deciding to do, it's going to happen. The Andromedans call our
concept of God "the Is-ness". They don't know what it is, only that it
holds everything together. If they had to give it a gender, it would
probably be female, because it creates life.

Q: Although you speak with the Andromedans verbally and physically, you
also have telepathic communication with them. What is that telepathic
communication like?

AC: Telepathy is "speaking in holographs". This is an example of how it
happens with me. If you were to take the blueprints of a house, which
comprise pages showing the foundation, the plumbing, the framing, etc., the
whole stack of pages together .... when someone is communicating with you
telepathically, they are giving you "the entire package", as it were, like
the whole stack of blueprints, instantly. And then, you have to learn how
to "unravel" it. It took me years to do this, and they have been really
patient. I am not the only one - they are talking to three other people. I
am the fourth.

AC: Now, ladies and gentlemen, there are a lot of energies coming - a lot
of earth changes coming. I can tell you this beyond a shadow of a doubt,
because I have seen it myself. Within eight years, Southern California will
exist only as eight islands. It's all going to be water. New York, by the
year 2000, will not be there. It will be ash. It will be sacrificed. The
powers that be have already made that decision. The souls that live in New
York will be an "offering".

Q: Do you mean that whoever it is will try and capture those souls?

AC: Yes.

Q: Are you saying that what will happen on the east coast will be the
result of a manmade phenomena, and what will occur on the west coast will
be a natural phenomena?

AC: Yes. There are some really really evil-thinking souls here on Earth.

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