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20 Mar
JsOTD - lawyers & an 80-mile chase

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Subject: JsOTD - lawyers & an 80-mile chase

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In the News: F. Lee Bailey is in the slammer and Melvin Belli has declared
bankruptcy.  Asks Bob Mills, "Isn't this enough evidence to support a
constitutional amendment that there is a God?"

Adds Alan Ray, "A lawyer's presence in the cellblock always has an impact
on the other convicts.  So far, 13 of Bailey's fellow inmates have
requested death row."

In Oklahoma, a driver in a tractor-trailer led police on an 80-mile chase,
smashing into cars along the way.  According to Premiere Morning Sickness,
one police officer explained, "We were just trying to get close enough to
read the 'How Am I Driving?' number on his bumper."

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