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21 Mar
JsOTD - Wonderful Terrific Monds & Bob Dole

Date: Thu, 21 Mar 96 13:21:47 -0800
From: Peter Langston <psl>
To: Fun_People
Subject: JsOTD - Wonderful Terrific Monds & Bob Dole

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The Atlanta Braves have a player whose name is Wonderful Terrific Monds
III. It seems that his great-grandfather was so thrilled when his wife
gave birth to a boy after 11 girls, he thought the baby was "wonderful,
terrific!"  The name has become a family tradition.  What, you ask, were
the names of those 11 daughters?

Says Joe Perisho, "Well, there was Precious Magnificent, Delightful
Special, Satisfactory Acceptable, Redundant Boring, Redundant Boring II
and Redundant boring III.  The seventh daughter was named Seventh
Daughter, then came Predictable Outcome, then Still Trying, then Tenth
Daughter of The X-Chromosome King and, finally, Doin' It Till We Get It

In the news:  Bob Dole would love to have Colin Powell as his running mate
but the general has two excellent reasons for refusing, says Argus
Hamilton: "'The Dan Quayle Joke Book' and 'The Al Gore Joke Book.'"

Says Dennis Miller, "Voters are lining up behind Dole--mostly because his
motorcade drives 10 mph below the speed limit in the left-hand lane."

An LA toy company has started making dolls of current political figures.
Says Jay Leno, "They're not like normal dolls, where you pull a string
and they talk.  The way these work, you make a large donation to the
doll's campaign fund, and then it says whatever you want it to."

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