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27 Mar
Bill Gates - The Cosmo Nerd

Date: Wed, 27 Mar 96 16:05:19 -0800
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Subject: Bill Gates - The Cosmo Nerd

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Exerpts from Cosmopolitan, Aug. 1993...

"Men in the industry are also young and exciting.  Microsoft's chairman,
Bill Gates -- thirty-seven and worth more than six billion dollars --
founded his company when he was a mere nineteen.  There are *some* classic
nerds,..., but many in the field are intelligent and *hunky*!  ... And a
woman who sparkles when she's discussing megabytes and hard drives can have
her pick of the pack."  Alongside the article was a "CompuSpeak Glossary"
in bold caption it said "Communicate with handsome computer jocks in *their
language*. "  It then listed 16 terms (a power of 2, wow!) I'll define a
few for you.
    Programming language -- The specialized words and symbols,
	known as *code*, used to create software programs.
    Software, or programs -- software comes on diskettes and makes
	computers work.  Without programs, computers can do very
    Multimedia -- programs with moving pictures and sound that run on
	fast, latest-generation PCs.
    Nerd -- Formerly a derogatory term, now used with pride by computer
	fanatics and masters.

[The "Stud Muffins of Science" calendar was the first obvious assimilation  
warning I saw, but this article ran almost three years ago... Here's a  
book-review from a long-time Cosmo reader:
	"Its never two late for those computer geek egg-heads to see the
	lite and develop there hunky side.  We have to memorize a coupla
	hard words so's we can talk to them, but its worth it--after all,
	they're rich!"

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