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QOTD - Bradbury, 7/20/69

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It's a great place to grow up [Los Angeles] as a creator because there's
no intellectual hierarchy.  I remember going to a party in New York about
35 years ago.  They all called me Buck Rogers and Flash Gordon.  I said,
"You, ma'am, your name and phone number?  And you, sir, your phone number?
And you, sir?"  And they said, "Why are you taking our phone numbers?" I
said, "Because the night we land on the moon, you're going to get called."
I was in London when we did.  I called three of them, and when they
answered I said, "Stupid son of a bitch," and hung up."
	-- writer Ray Bradbury, quoted in Newsweek, November 13th, p. 89.

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