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Weirdness [422] - 8Mar96

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Subject: Weirdness [422] - 8Mar96

Excerpted-from: WEIRDNUZ.422 (News of the Weird, March 8, 1996)
by Chuck Shepherd

* Among recent passings of note:  In January, in Columbus, Ohio, Mr. M. S.
Tooill; and in Arlington, Va., Mr. W. M.  Croker; and in December in
Oklahoma City, Mr. William Death.  In February, a 44-year-old man was killed
on the shoulder of I-95 in Rhode Island, after being hit by a truck while
standing between two other trucks--one hauling granite slabs for tombstones
and the other belonging to the Yates Casket Company.  And three weeks
earlier, a 23-year-old man was killed in Fallston, Md., when his car smashed
into a truck carrying burial vaults. [Columbus Dispatch, 1-14-96; Washington
Post, 1-28-95; Daily Oklahoman, Dec95] [Gannett Suburban Newspapers (White
Plains, N. Y.), 2-2-96] [Baltimore Sun, 1-5-96]


* Two Danish scientists, writing in the journal Nature in December, reported
finding a previously unknown, 0.01-inch-long organism whose habitat is the
lips of Norwegian lobsters.  Among the characteristics of the Symbion
pandora:  It can reproduce either sexually or asexually, and though it is
born with a brain, the brain completely disappears during adolescence and
reappears at the onset of adulthood. [Chicago Tribune-Reuters, 12-14-95]
[And to think of the troubles we go through to simulate that... or is it the  
exact opposite?  -psl]

* In November, Knight-Ridder News Service reported that the government in
Nanning, China, was levying fines of about $1.50 for anyone who orders more
food in restaurants than he can eat.  [Rock Island Argus-Knight-Ridder,

* In December, the Arizona Republic profiled animal psychologist Krista
Cantrell, who says her success is because she can communicate telepathically
with dogs and therefore get to the bottom of most master-dog relationship
problems.  Several satisfied clients sang praises for Cantrell's work,
including even the owner of a horse that was on the verge of being put to
sleep but was able to tell Cantrell that he was simply overmedicated.  (Five
weeks later, the horse won a race.) [Washington Times- Arizona Republic,

* In December, United Nations health organizations announced stepped-up
campaigns against several African maladies, including Guinea worm disease.
The disease manifests itself within a year of a person's ingesting water
fleas infected with the larvae, at which point string-like worms up to three
feet long emerge from painful blisters. [New York Times, 12-6-95]
[YOW!  I just hate when that happens!  -psl]

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