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4 Apr
Mac hacker attackers are slackers!

Date: Thu, 4 Apr 96 00:24:28 -0800
From: Peter Langston <psl>
To: Fun_People
Subject: Mac hacker attackers are slackers!

From: Daniel Steinberg <>

>>**Greg Marriott Attacked** -- We seldom cover news of this nature,
>>  but occasional exceptions are in order. Greg Marriott, a long-time
>>  Macintosh programmer responsible for parts of System 7, among many
>>  other things, was surprised and brutally attacked in his apartment
>>  a few weeks ago. With five blows to the head and numerous stab
>>  wounds, his attackers left him for dead, but he managed to call
>>  911 and was rushed to a hospital. (He's now doing fine, especially
>>  in comparison to the alternative.) I mention this horrible event
>>  because Greg's attackers were several months under 18 and can be
>>  charged as minors in California. Greg and his friends are trying
>>  to convince the District Attorney to try them as adults. If, after
>>  reading Greg's account of the ordeal, you agree, there are
>>  instructions on a Web page set up by Greg's friends for adding
>>  your voice to the hundreds of others who have written to the DA
>>  (who is receptive to this support) about this case. The Internet
>>  is often accused of distancing us from real life; here's an
>>  instance of how the Macintosh community on the Internet can make a
>>  real difference in the real world. [ACE]

Ummm, which parts of System 7 did he write?  If he is responsible for the
serial driver, there might be a few people willing to testify on behalf of
the defense.


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