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10 Apr
Top Ten Computer Industry Delusions

Date: Wed, 10 Apr 96 00:14:57 -0700
From: Peter Langston <psl>
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Subject: Top Ten Computer Industry Delusions

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When you work 20 hours a day, you're bound to get some weird ideas. The
big names in the high-tech world have been keeping up that kind of pace
for years, and sure enough, the delusions are running wild. c|net's satire
central has collected the biggest industry names, recorded who they
*think* they are, and uncovered who they *really* are.

10. Bill Gates
    -thinks he's Leonardo
    -but he's really P.T. Barnum

9. Larry Ellison
   -thinks he's the Buddha
   -but he's really Michael Jackson

8. Steve Jobs
   -thinks he's Moses
   -but he's really Henry Ford

7. John Sculley
   -thinks he's Moses
   -but he's really John Sculley

6. Marc Andreessen
   -thinks he's Bill Gates
   -but he's really Bill Gates

5. Guy Kawasaki
   -thinks he's John the Baptist
   -but he's really John de Lorean

4. Jerry Yang and Dave Filo
   -think they're H & R Block
   -but they're really Barnum and Bailey

3. Philippe Kahn
   -thinks he's Leonardo
   -but he's really P.T. Barnum

2. Steve Case
   -thinks he's Steve Case
   -but he's really Steve Case

1. Windows 95
   -thinks it's OS/2 Warp
   -but it's really Macintosh System 8.0

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