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24 Apr
JOTD - The Vacationing Penguin

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A vacationing penguin was driving through Oregon when his Volvo broke down.
He called AAA, and his car was towed to a local garage where the mechanic
told him he would need a couple of hours to check out the problem.  Since
the penguin wasn't in any particular hurry, he wandered off to look around.
In a local supermarket he bought fish sticks and vanilla ice cream for
lunch, and then hung out in the frozen foods section until it was time to
return to the garage.  The mechanic, seeing him enter the garage, came over
wiping his hands on a rag, and shaking his head, saying "It looks like you
blew a seal." Blushing, the penguin quickly wiped his bill with his
flippers, and replied, "Oh no!  It's just ice cream!"

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