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1 May
Surprising new evidence!

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From: Peter Langston <psl>
Date: Wed,  1 May 96 17:18:09 -0700
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Subject: Surprising new evidence!

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From: Phil "ratso" Glockner,

While watching microsurgical vasectomy reversal on The Operation, the
doctor related an interesting insight.

He had revealed one testicle in an effort to find a portion of vas
deferens that was not blocked, due to the length of time the patient
had had a vasectomy.  In doing so, he aimed his microscope at the
epiditimus, a structure against the testicle below the vas deferens.

He stated "See, it's this structure here.. all the white densly
coiled matter."  After a moment, he said "It's looks sort of
like the brain, I'll let you guys make of that what you will."

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