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1 May
Re: BOFH archives

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From: Peter Langston <psl>
Date: Wed,  1 May 96 18:05:20 -0700
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Subject: Re: BOFH archives
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A number of subscribers to Fun_People have asked me questions like this one  
(asked by in correspondence with

> I've been feeding the BOFHs to coworkers, and the nearly universal cry
> is "MORE, MORE!".
> Do you know if there's a publicly accessible archive of the things
> somewhere?

    And the answer is "yes."  There are several archives, but the COOL one  
is Simon's own at <>.  Others  
are similar, but inaccurate (e.g. what one lists as "The Bastard's still  
about" is part of "The Last Bastard" along with a segment called "The Bastard  
Celebrates Christmas 95" which they seem to be missing entirely).
    If you want there to be more BOFH... you need to find a Pentax K1000 and  
send it to Simon (see <>).  The  
K1000 is a good, but not expensive camera... there ought to be something on  
the net... hmmm...  For instance, a quick search reveals this ad:

   MINOLTA XG7 with 50f1.7 MC C8 winder G C8.5, Databack G dial C8 all for
   $160. Nikon F2 with DP1 finder meter smooth and accurate C9.5 $350.
   Pentax K1000 C8 $75. Pentax LX C8.5 $600. Jerry Corwin 612-920-2477 day,
   612-920-4784 fax, 612-824-7800 evening. USA.

If someone were to buy it and send it to Simon, I'd chip in...


 Peter Langston - - Seattle, WA -

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