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Weirdness, [427] - 12Apr96

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Excerpted-from: WEIRDNUZ.427 (News of the Weird, April 12, 1996)
		by Chuck Shepherd

* The U. S. Justice Department recently conducted a sting operation against
some Chicago officials who were suspected of taking payments for
facilitating illegal dumping.  As the identity of the sting agent became
known, state Sen. Ricky Hendon, who was formerly a Chicago alderman and who
had in the past been suspected of corruption, told reporters proudly that
he personally had resisted the pressure by the sting agent.  The Chicago
Sun- Times reported that Hendon said, "I hope I get some points for not
being corrupt this one time." [Chicago Sun-Times, 1-9-96]

* The candidates for Oregon Senate, district 8, include Thomas Wilde, a
Democrat who, if he wins the primary in May, will face his wife, Republican
Melinda Wilde, in the general election.  (Thomas started out as Melinda's
campaign manager but discovered that the two hardly agreed on anything.)
And running for the Missouri senate seat from Concordia are husband Al
(Democrat) and wife Janette Hanson (Republican), who both face challengers
in the August primary. [Eugene Register-Guard, 1- 25-96] [Independence
Examiner-AP, 3-4-96]

* Not a single person voted in the 25th Precinct in Tulsa, Okla., in the
city council primary in February.  The county believes no one has lived in
the precinct for 20 years but operates the polling place for 12 hours every
election day because if someone does want to vote and can't, the entire
election could be negated.  [Daily Oklahoman-AP, 2-7-96]

* Florida state Rep. Marvin Couch (R Oviedo) resigned in February, a week
after he was arrested on three misdemeanor sex charges.  He was caught by
police in his car in a shopping center parking lot at noontime receiving
oral sex from a prostitute.  Rep. Couch was a member of a legislators'
prayer-meeting group that called itself the God Squad. [AP wirecopy, 3-1-96]

* In January, 600 blind "anmasa" (special masseurs and masseuses) came from
all over South Korea to protest a scheduled TV program that suggested they
were prostitutes.  (The anmasa profession is limited to blind people, to
give them an enhanced opportunity to work.)  About 100 of the men lined up
along a wall of TV station Channel 11 in mid-day and urinated on it in
protest. [Gulf Times [Qatar], 1-24-96]
[Where's Zato Ichi when you need him?  -psl]

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