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6 May
Off the Wire - 5/4/96

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Compiled by: Ivan Weiss.
From: The Seattle Times, Saturday, May 4, 1996.

	News We Just Couldn't Pass Up

A journalist in Ecuador turned to stealing cars for a living after
conducting a jailhouse interview with the head of a car-theft ring who told
all his trade secrets.

Colombian drug traffickers ran up a $200,000 telephone bill by making calls
to 25 countries from a phone number assigned to the head of the country's
judicial police.

A lawyer who put a hand-lettered "BAD FOOD" sign in his second-floor window
above a New York fast-food outlet has a First Amendment right to keep it
there, a judge ruled.

A mystery bidder in Hong Kong paid $142,000 for a license plate reading "97"
to mark the British colony's reversion to Chinese rule on June 30, 1997.

A court in China's Hebei province sentenced a man to life imprisonment for
making 180 calls to over-seas phone-sex lines using somebody else's phone.

A Harrisburg, Pa., man who oinked at his ex-wife and played "Old MacDonald
Had a Farm" when he saw her walking past his house got a 30-day prison
sentence for harassment.

The phone listing is on Page 262 of the white pages for metropolitan
Baltimore:  CONEHEAD Beldar & Prymaat.

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