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6 May
Re: Tourism at the end of the Yellow Brick Road...

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Date: Mon,  6 May 96 15:54:25 -0700
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Subject: Re: Tourism at the end of the Yellow Brick Road...

[I should be more surprised by this story...  -psl]

From: (Jef Jaisun)

A young friend of mine is a waitress at a Pioneer Square eatery. She came
home in tears after her experience with the Promise Keepers. She described
it thusly (paraphrasing):

Two groups of 40-70 Preepers came into the restaurant for dinner, forcing
the wait staff to reconfigure all the tables. The several servers who were
on duty busted their asses for two hours over these guys. At the conclusion
of the meal, Group 1 left a handful of change amounting to about $1.75 as
a tip. They also left behind a wad of Canadian money at face value to pay
for their meal. That cost the waitress about 25% of the bill. Group 2 paid
for their meal with plastic, then walked off with BOTH charge slips, despite
having been told to leave one behind for the restaurant. The resultant debit
of hundreds of dollars was charged to the waitress.

Let's see...these guys paid $70 a head to drum for Jesus and swear they'll
do right by their wives. But when it comes to doing right by $6-an-hour
waitresses... Well, I guess that's not covered in the Bible.

Too bad the earthquake didn't happen a few days earlier. They might have
seen it as a sign to repent and remember the Golden Rule.


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