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10 May
WhiteBoardness - 5/10/96

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Excerpted-from: WhiteBoard News for Friday, May 10, 1996

Mehaska County, Iowa:

The hog-farming Fox family which for 10 years has been selling vials of boar
semen for artificially inseminating sows, recently expanded its operation
to include a drive-through window for farmers in a hurry.

Said Gennette Fox on the playfulness of customers:
"'Order of semen and fries' -- I've hard that a million times."

Fast News Forum:

A retired Argentine hematologist will auction off three drops of Evita's
blood -- from the real one, not Madonna -- to ease his financial situation.
Gonzalo Perez Roldon, 79, who said his pension isn't enough, withdrew the
blood from Eva Peron just months before her 1951 death.

En route to court to face charges of driving without wearing his glasses,
Antonio Valdez Jr. crashed into a car because he wasn't wearing his glasses,
Tampa, Florida, police said.

Wise County, Texas, jail inmates Randy Carter and Michael Roberts, assigned
to move the sheriff's Grand Cherokee Jeep from a jail repair shop to the
parking lot, used it to escape.  Sergeant Jo Higgins said when they are
caught they won't be in the trusty program anymore.

Controversy has benched Kim Schlink, 17, a pregnant high school softball
pitcher.  An opposing team forfeited a game against Schlink, who had
received medical clearance from her doctors in Waterford, Connecticut.

Danyale Andersen, 18, who has spent over 100 hours preaching sexual
abstinence to students, says her beliefs remain unshaken, even though she
recently gave birth out of wedlock in Redmond, Oregon.

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