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13 May
Excerpt of: Excerpted: BONG Bull No. 372!

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Subject: Excerpt of: Excerpted: BONG Bull No. 372!

Excerpted-from: Excerpted: BONG Bull No. 372!

IN UNITY THERE IS STRENGTH.  Charles Memminger of the Honolulu Star-Bulletin
(71224.113@CompuServe.COM) reports, "Tim Ryan, a feature writer at the
Star-Bulletin who sits next to me, says there should be a National Society
of Reporters Who Have To Sit Next To Columnists. He imagines hundreds of
hapless writers across the country sporting bumps and bruises caused by
stupid column ideas endlessly being bounced off them, having to listen to
diatribes by columnists trying to get worked up enough to actually write
something, seeing many of their own off-hand remarks suddenly appear in
print and trying to interview people on the phone while the columnist
patters on about last night's 'Seinfeld' or says things like 'Hey, man, how
'bout some Nerf B-ball?'
     "Personally, I find this offensive. And I'm going to write about it in
one of next week's columns," Memminger scribbles.

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