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14 May
A step towards the new, CDA-ready disclaimer

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From: Peter Langston <psl>
Date: Tue, 14 May 96 16:50:27 -0700
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Subject: A step towards the new, CDA-ready disclaimer

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[What I find almost as funny as this joke (clearly in bad taste) is the  
lengthy disclaimer that follows it. - r]

Forwarded-by: (Tomas Revesz)

In the spirit of political incorrectness...
[fwds deleted]----------

Q:  What do George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln,
Teddy Roosevelt, and Ron Brown have in common?
A:  They all have their face on the side of a mountain.


Disclaimer:  The joke presented in this e-mail does not represent my views
or those of any other party who may have been involved in the transmittal
of its content.  We just thought it was funny.
Tomas Revesz                  

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