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16 May
Even More Unabomber Haikus

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From: Peter Langston <psl>
Date: Thu, 16 May 96 17:51:10 -0700
To: Fun_People
Subject: Even More Unabomber Haikus

From: (Adam Cavan)

     you certainly want
     this eccentric professor's
     stamp of approval.

     destructive recluse
     with lethal postage meter
     found in montana.

     proof someone's crazy:
     sleeping with live bombs in a
     twelve by twelve cabin.

Forwarded-by: Keith Bostic <>
Forwarded-by: carolyn meinel <>
Forwarded-by: Rob Fritz <70372.2473@CompuServe.COM>

     Technology bad
     Please tell me you like my beard
     Or I'll blow you up

     Ed McMahon of death:
     "You may already be a
     winner! Open now!"

     Bad Unabomber!
     Blowing people all to hell.
     Do you take requests?

     Farewell to tenure
     Sniping from the tower clock
     already been done

     Why can't I get this
     stupid computer to print?
     Time to buy some stamps.

     Should I comb my hair
     Or should I wear it matted
     Judge prefers it combed

     Remember when you
     Laughed at his fake fur parka?
     He remembers, too.

     "Open your present..."
     "No, you open your present..."
     Kaczinski Christmas

     Its circumstantial
     all that stuff in my cabin
     I found it all. Yeah.

     My Daddy said BANG
     When he taught me about sex.
     I misunderstood.

     Ted's fate worse than death:
     "You're assigned to prison shop.
     Make computer chips."

Forwarded-by: Daniel Steinberg <>
From: Laura Light <>

     Raindrops, windowpane
     Lonely man stares at the sky
     Time to kill someone

     When will it all end?
     Hype, hysteria, cameras
     Go mail your own bomb!

     wow, this is so fun
     haiku flying on email
     better get a life...

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