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24 May
It Makes a Young Girl Cry

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Subject: It Makes a Young Girl Cry

[My nominee for the Suspicious Story of the Week...  -psl]

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This is a letter that was apparently sent to Apple, was posted on the Always
Apple web site, was retrieved by a friend of mine, sent over a small mailing
list, [then over a larger one or two  -psl] and has now wound up on your
computer. My apologies if you've already seen it a thousand times.

The author of this letter is unknown.


Dear Apple,

My daughter didn't want to go to kindergarten this morning and when I asked
why she sort of shuffled before coming up with the infamous "throw-up and
maybe a headache" excuse. After a little chat, during which she admitted
she wasn't sick, she began to cry. When I asked what was wrong she said that
today was computer-lab day and she didn't like it because it was too hard.

It was as if she had admitted a sin. She cried some more while I explained
that making mistakes and learning from them was what school was all about.
Besides, she was a pro on her computer at home (Performa 6200) so I knew
she would get the hang of it. At that point she sat back, let out a big
wailing sob and said, "But Daddy, these aren't Macintoshes and it's no fun."

What's important about this story is that she thought computers were fun
because she had learned on a Macintosh.

[Oh yeah, thanks!  I might have missed that...  -psl]

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