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7 Jun
Eraser ... self-titled last minute fiasco

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Subject: Eraser ... self-titled last minute fiasco

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So really, if you were Warner Bros & you were making a movie in which the
bad guys were a giant computer corporation, you'd think that someone would
check that the name you gave said corporation wasn't already in use.....

"Eraser" (premiering next Wednesday, all release prints made & ready to go,
etc) features a nasty computer giant called Cyrex.  Warner Bros have just
been contacted by a computer giant called, yes, Cyrex, who have very
expensive lawyers & no desire to be cast as the company who tried to kill

So Eraser now has around 100 or so shots of villains running around with a
Cyrex logo on their hats, shirts, guns, computer screens, whatever, all of
which have to be converted into Cypex or Cyrem or whatever by Saturday
afternoon, latest. . .

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