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10 Jun
Internet Index #13

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Subject: Internet Index #13

                               The Internet Index
                                   Number 13
                         Inspired by "Harper's Index"*
                 Compiled by Win Treese (
                                  9 June 1996

Number of security incidents reported to the Computer Emergency Response
	Team Coordination Center in 1995: 2412
Number of sites affected by those incidents: 12,000
Number reported in 1988: 6

Number of Christine Lavin songs containing a URL: 1

Estimated amount spent on advertising on the Internet in 1995: $33,000,000
Estimated total amount spent on advertising in the U.S.:  $159,000,000,000

Percentage of comics in the Boston Globe listing e-mail addresses: 38
Percentage of comics in the Boston Globe listing URLs: 21

Number of TV networks planning to provide live video broadcast of the
	1996 political conventions: 1

Number of Danish e-mail addresses listed in Tele Danmark's directory:

According to IBM, number of verbs connected companies live by: 5

Amount Bell Atlantic pays to Internet service providers for referring
	residential customers: $15

Number of plaintiffs in lawsuit contesting the Communications Decency Act:

Number of Internet hosts, as of January, 1996: 9.5 million

Number of web servers counted in the June Netcraft Web Server Survey:

Number of new country Internet domains added in February, 1996: 3

Percentage increase in number of Portuguese Internet hosts, May, 1996: 17

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