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12 Jun
The Secret of the Papal Audience

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Subject: The Secret of the Papal Audience

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A businessman was visiting Italy for a couple of weeks and thought it might
be a great idea to go see if he could get an audience with the Pope.  He
went out and bought himself the nicest Armani suit he could find and caught
a ride over to Vatican Square.

As he was waiting in the crowd, the Pope came out and began to mill around
with the people.  Try as he might however, the businessman could not get the
attention of the Pope.  Instead, the Pope made a bee-line for what looked
like a scraggly homeless man with a two-day growth of beard.  The Pope laid
hands on the tattered man's head and bent down to whisper something in his
ear.  This made our fellow quite jelous so he found a charitable mission,
traded the suit for some rags, and smeared some dirt on his face.

The businessman went back to the square and the Pope was still there.  He
worked his way to within eysight of the Pope and crossed himself.  This time
the Pope saw him right away and came over.  Our fellow was beside himself
with excitement when the Pope laid hands on his head and bent over to his
ear.  Then the Pope whispered "I thought I told you to get lost, bum!"

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