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14 Jun
QUICK 108 in Syracuse (gotta go now...)

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Subject: QUICK 108 in Syracuse (gotta go now...)

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[The following is the text of a press release announcing a new station.
This is not a joke -- the station is actually on the air in Syracuse, NY.]



As part of its LMA with Cox on the former Park property WHEN-FM.  Blows up
Country at 5pm Friday for an ALL HOOKS, ALL THE TIME format.  Running liners
like "At Quick 108, we don't waste your time playing all of your favorite
songs, we just play your favorite parts of your favorite songs.

Commercial length is maximized at 3 seconds per spot and 3 spots per break.
First stop set at 5:10pm Friday went, "Eat at McDonalds, shop at P&C, buy
a Chevy from Bombard.  Now back to music at Quick 108."

NewCity Syracuse Programming guru Alan Furst commented, "My whole career
I've heard listeners complain that radio stations lack variety and don't
play enough songs every hour.  It suddenly dawned on us, what the hell, give
them what they want!"  Among the features planned for Quick 108:  Country
Lunch - 312 of your favorite country songs each day noon; Seventies At Seven
- 277 songs from the seventies from 7-8pm each night; and Car Tunes - 301
great oldies for the ride home each night at 5pm.

New City Syracuse GM Joel Delmonico described how the Quick 108 concept was
born.  "Alan and I were brainstorming with our management consultant Jay
Meyers and we noticed his attention span was about ten seconds long ... and
the idea just grew from that!"

Regarding rampant market rumors on a switch to Modern Rock, Meyers said "We
are committed to Quick 108, but we're in virgin territory.  We'll have to
see if it has legs and what the burn factor is....
......excuse me, I have to go now."

Quick 108 supposedly has an active playlist of 17,962 records.  Furst would
not comment on rumors that he is considering a power current rotation of 11

[Moderator's Note[1]: If anyone in the Syracuse market is reading this...
PLEASE, before this gag format is dumped, get it on tape!  I am anxious to
get at least a 60 minute cassette of this format.  ** IT WILL GO AWAY ** so
run tape TONIGHT.  This sounds like a classic! Contact me at
if you can send me a tape.  I'll reciprocate.  Bill]

[psl's Note[2]: I'll happily make the same deal... <>]

[1] I.e., moderator of original newsgroup
[2] I.e., psl of Fun_People

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