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17 Jun
E-mail We Never Quite Finished Reading -- Etherium Gold

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Subject: E-mail We Never Quite Finished Reading -- Etherium Gold

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This post is in regards to a substance (called Etherium Gold) that
myself and many others have tried with amazing success. It has
effected my life in many ways and I personally believe it to be a
potential tool in human evolution.

In short, it is a NATURAL mineral supplement, with a few unusual
qualities. It offers many of the trace minerals needed for optimal
health, trace minerals being something which most of the world is
deficient in due to soil depletion.

Among the minerals contained in EG is the element Silica which
combats aging in the skin, hair and connective tissue. It also
acts as an information transmitter which allows it to carry
many of the key frequencies in Etherium Gold.

Etherium gold contains certain monatomic elements which seem to
have a part in causing it to act as an electromagnetic superconductor
on a cellular, in fact DNA, level. It has been shown to very
effectively help repair damaged DNA. It has also been proven
(through Kirlian Photography) to cause the human body's vibrational
level to rise, the spiritual implications of this are endless. It can
stimulate all kinds of enhanced awareness and growth, as well as
dramatically increased health and well being.

EG also has a totally unique and revolutionary energy pattern
that accounts for much of it's effect. This substance has found
acceptance in spiritual, medical and scientific circles. It has
a way of bringing these worlds together.

I realize that some of the things said above are a bit hard to
believe. I want to avoid posting the extremely long message that it
would take to explain fully so I'm simply offering this to spark
your interest. Don't write this off simply because it sounds a
little unusual. You can find more info on our web page.

Note: We do offer wholesale pricing, all it takes is the right attitude.


If you have any questions, feel free to E-mail. Also, if you
find that this is the kind of thing you'd like to help people
discover, add a link to our homepage.

Thanks for your time...

Ian Kelley (
ONE Enterprises: supplements for the mind, body and spirit
PO Box 604  Newport, OR 97365
Voice- 503.265.3075
FAX  - 503.265.8680

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