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17 Jun
WhiteBoardness - 6/17/96

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Excerpted-from: WhiteBoard News for Monday, June 17, 1996

"My hands hurt.  I have had too many high-fives,"

Anonymous rowdy in Chicago the morning after the Chicago Bulls won the
National Basketball Championship.

[That'll teach 'em!  -psl]

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania:

The woman spotted what looked like an old helmet in her attic near where
the Halloween costumes used to be, cleaned it up and wondered if it might
be worth some money.

She lugged it downtown to the Civic Center where Chubb's Antique Roadshow
was offering people free appraisals of their junk, and what she found out
left her speechless.

Greg Martin, an appraiser from San Francisco's Butterfield & Butterfield,
informed her Saturday that the helmet was a 16th century cabasset from
Milan, forged from a single sheet of steel and covered with gold.

"It is really quite remarkable," Martin said.  "It was probably a parade
helmet."   And the value?  About $250,000.

"Super," muttered the woman, who then put the helmet back into her bag,
asked not to be identified, and left.

"She was completely stunned.  She was hoping for maybe a grand or two and
finds out it's worth a quarter of a million?  Heck, you'd be flustered too,"
said event spokeswoman Elisabeth Harmon.

The Antiques Roadshow was making its second stop in a 13-city tour for a
series on America's hidden treasures to be shown on PBS in January.

About 1,000 hopeful people showed up, carrying everything from bracelets
and music boxes to pictures of Abraham Lincoln and Civil War muskets.

[And an article like this one won't hurt their business a bit, will it?  -psl]

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