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17 Jun
Words to live by...

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[...or not.  Your choice...  -psl]

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Shouldn't there be a shorter word for monosyllabic?

While travelling near Tampa, Florida I passed a place with a sign saying
"Jehovah's Witness Assembly Hall" and was struck by the fact that that must
be where they make them.

Be on the lookout for a leopard which escaped from the zoo early this
morning.  It was spotted near the corner of 12th and Cherry at around 8am,
and in all likelihood still is.

Introducing "lite", the new way to spell "light", with 20% fewer letters!

Anarchy -- It's not a law, it's just a good idea.

Her eyes were cold and harsh, which made them tough to chew.

Are you sure photons have mass?  I didn't even know they were Catholic.

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