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Weirdness [433] - 24May96

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Excerpted-from: WEIRDNUZ.433 (News of the Weird, May 24, 1996)
		by Chuck Shepherd

* Easter news:  Yearly, instead of Easter communion in Cutud, Philippines,
volunteer Catholics are crucified, with real nails.  Fourteen endured it
this year (wailing agonizingly in pain), which marked the first year that
HIV-conscious townspeople were assured by church leaders that only clean
nails were used.  And in San Diego, an atheist group beat Christians to the
permit office this year and won the right to hold a non-religious Easter
sunrise ceremony at the landmark, 40-foot-high cross at Mount Soledad in a
city park. [Edmonton Journal-Reuter, 4-6-96] Egan .215 [San Francisco
Examiner, 4-8-96]

* In Tulsa, Okla., in April, three relatives were shot (two teenage
boys wounded and Albert Cavanaugh, 21, killed) as gunfire
broke out during a family card game. [Daily Oklahoman, Apr96]

* In March, the Postal Rate Commission decided to make an exception and
consider a late-filed appeal about a post office closing in Sedan, Minn.
The deadline for the appeal's being received was November 22, 1995, but the
citizen-appellant sent his notice of appeal by U. S. Mail, postmarked
November 20, and it arrived November 29.  The Commission called the nine-
day journey "inexplicable." [AP wirecopy, 3-14-96]

* And pink slips laying off about 100 Allegheny County (Pa.) employees were
given to the Pittsburgh post office to be special-delivered during the week
after Christmas, but through a post office error, they were delivered on
Christmas Eve.  [Tuscaloosa News, 12-27-95]

* Life Imitates a Rodney Dangerfield joke:  In January, Steven Hicks, 38,
and Diana Hicks, 35, were sentenced to 6 months in jail in Cape May, N. J.,
for child abandonment.  While their unruly son, Christopher, 13, was
hospitalized last January, the couple surreptitiously packed up and moved
to Inglewood, Calif.  [New Haven Register-AP, 2-1-96]

* David A. Mills, 28, a criminal-justice graduate, to Akron, Ohio, police
upon his arrest in April for theft at a shopping mall:  "When I get my
police job, I won't have to do this [stealing] anymore." [Akron
Beacon-Journal, 4-16-96]

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