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19 Jun
An opportunity to stand up against bigotry and ignorance...

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Subject: An opportunity to stand up against bigotry and ignorance...

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   - - - - -      PLEASE RE-DISTRIBUTE WIDELY      - - - - -

    The Southern Baptist Convention has officially ordered a boycott of
Disney today, primarily due to Disney's positive relationship...and policy
of inclusion...with gays and lesbians.  I am attaching the AP-take on
today's action, as well as Disney's contact numbers and address.

What I am recommending:

 1) Write a letter to Disney thanking them for the positive things they have
 done for the gay and lesbian community and for being a leader in helping
 to counter bigotry and homophobia.

 2) State in your letter that you plan on increasing your purchase of Disney
 products and services as a direct result of the Southern Baptist Convention

 3) Write a letter to your local paper encouraging people to counteract the
 boycott as a means of fighting intolerance and homophobia.

 4) Send email to your friends and associates asking them to do the same.
 Please redistribute and repost this widely.

 5) I was going to recommend CC:ing your letter to the Southern Baptist
 Convention. As of yet, they do not have a Website and I have not found
 appropriate contact information. But a letter to your local paper would
 probably accomplish more anyway.

 What follows are the relevant excerpts from the AP story,
 followed by contact information for Disney

 [From the Associated Press story of June 12th]:

    The Southern Baptist Convention voted overwhelmingly today to boycott
 Walt Disney theme parks, movies and products for, among other things,
 extending benefits to companions of gay employees.
    The boycott resolution was approved by a simple show of hands by an
 estimated 13,000 delegates representing roughly 16 million Southern
 Baptists. There were few negative votes, and passage was greeted with
 enthusiastic applause.

    The Baptists also objected to Disney allowing gay- and lesbian- themed
 events at its theme parks, and also to its production, through
 subsidiaries, of controversial adult-themed movies.

    "In recent years, the Disney Co. has given the appearance that the
 promotion of homosexuality is more important than its historic commitment
 to traditional family values", the resolution stated in part.
     Disney officials did not immediately respond to a telephone call for

 [The article concluded with the following quote]:

    "Disney always has been associated with family values", the convention's
 newly elected president, the Rev. Tom Elliff, had said a day before the
 vote.  "I don't think we can say that anymore."

 Michael Eisner, Chair, The Walt Disney Company,

 500 S. Buena Vista Street, Burbank, CA 91521,

 tel. 818-560-1000, fax 818-560-1930.


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