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20 Jun
EPPOTD (Encased Pork Product Of The Day, natch)

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Subject: EPPOTD (Encased Pork Product Of The Day, natch)

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From: today's [6/20/96?] NY Times (page A8):

It is hard to pinpoint when the advertising onslaught began.  It might
have started with the Olympic wiener.

In the fall of 1995, Billy Payne, the chief executive of the Atlanta
Committee for the Olympic Games, stood in the Georgia Dome, the city's
football stadium, and introduced the official wiener of the 1996 Summer
Olympic Games.  Trumpets actually sounded.

The wiener, provided by the Sara Lee Corporation, another Olympic sponsor,
was 1,996 feet long, a world record for an encased pork product.  It
circled the floor of the Georgia Dome almost twice.  It was laid out on
buns, lots of buns.  A Sara Lee employee walked its length, squirting
mustard on it.  But that, as it turned out, was only for the cameras.
The wiener, unrefrigerated, spoiled during the ceremony and was not fit
for consumption.

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