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6 Jul
Pirate's Progress

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Date: Sat,  6 Jul 96 21:29:11 -0700
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Subject: Pirate's Progress

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Culled, without permission, from Steven Martin Cohen's otherwise very dark  
novel "Becker's Ring."

"This pirate with a hook for a hand and an eye patch over his eye is sitting
at a pirate bar, drinking. The bartender asks him how he lost his hand. 'I
lost it in a sword fight on the high seas,' the pirate says. Then the
bartender asks him how he lost his eye. The pirate says, 'Aye, a bird shit
in it.' The bartender is confused and says, 'That shouldn't cause you to
lose your eye, though.' The pirate says, 'Well, laddie, it was me first day
with me new hook.'"

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