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10 Jul
Humble Opinions to Watch Out for

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Subject: Humble Opinions to Watch Out for

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In a bizarre and (IMHO) objectionable performance at the Brit Awards in
London this week, Michael Jackson was clearly depicted as the Messiah.

In the introductory images his body was transformed into a cross of
light after scenes of adulation.  As he performed his Earth song he was
surrounded by children (& some adults) in sackcloth.  He then became a
radiant figure of light, arms outstretched in another image reminiscent
of a crucifix, and the people moved forward to touch him one by one in
what appeared to be religious homage.

During the performance the lead singer of Pulp, Jarvis Cocker, invaded the
stage in protest at Jackson's self-portrayal as a Christ-like figure, and
was arrested amid accusations (denied) that he assaulted three of the
children on stage.  Brian Eno later said Jarvis' protest was entirely
understandable, and he wished he had done the same.

Finally, in giving Michael Jackson the "Artist of the Generation" award,
St. Bob Geldof made the remarkable comment that he sang "with the voice
of angels".
	--, in a Usenet posting.  (The charges
	   against Cocker were later dismissed.)

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