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10 Jul
I *was* Tricia Nixon.

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Taken from Anne Lamott's column in Salon1999. This one talks about being on
the publicity trail for a new book with her six-year old son, Sam, whose
birth was the motivation for her wonderful book "Operating Instructions".
The archive is; this column is

  And it happened that this was the very day in October when daylight
  savings ended, so we gained an hour the next morning which made Sam and
  me very happy, but then we had to fly to Indianapolis which is about 25
  minutes away and we lost the hour right away, like we never had it at
  all, and that made us both deeply confused and depressed.  And then we
  spoke before about a million people at the Indianapolis Public Library
  where I discussed my personal problems which are legion, and then I
  signed books and by that time I was channeling Tricia Nixon, I was
  Tricia Nixon, just smiling and smiling no matter what. Then we went back
  to the hotel and I did the only sane thing to do when you are very tired
  and confused and you don't know what time it is and you still have bits
  of Tricia Nixon on your shoes: I over-ordered room service.

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