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14 Jul
Internet Index #14

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Subject: Internet Index #14

[I love this idea.  But there's something missing in the way Win does it...  
Maybe the index needs just more comparison figures to tie things together.
Anyway, if you understand what I mean and have an idea how it could be done  
better, please send Win a note.  Then maybe I'll be able to pass on the  
Internet Index without a maddening compulsion to rearrange it ...  (This one  
is untouched)  -psl]

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 Subject: Internet Index #14

                               The Internet Index
                                   Number 14
                         Inspired by "Harper's Index"*
                 Compiled by Win Treese (
                                  10 July 1996

Estimated percentage of adults in the U.S. using the World-Wide Web:

Number of states with organized programs for schools on NetDay '96: 27

Number of Internet Service Providers, worldwide (July, 1996): 3,054

Estimated size of Internet access market in 1997, in billions of dollars:

Proposed tax on Internet access providers serving Tacoma, WA, in percent:
Number of US states taxing on-line services: 6

Number of private Internet providers in Egypt: 7

Ratio of number of e-mail messages to number of phone calls to InterNIC
	Registration Services during April, 1996: 4.8:1

As of April, 1996, number of domains in .COM: 316,271

Number of domains registered in Liechtenstein (.LI): 100

Estimated volume of sales generated by the World Wide Web in 1995 (in
	millions of dollars): 436
Estimated volume of sales generated by the World Wide Web in 1998 (in
	millions of dollars): 46,000
Cost of the report detailing these estimates, in dollars: 795

Percentage of online users in the San Francisco Bay area who are female:

Number of atomic clocks in the US Naval Observatory mean time scale: 52

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