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15 Jul
We are I Don't Care. (Who's on First.)

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Subject: We are I Don't Care.  (Who's on First.)

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Houston (AP) -- Saturday July 13, 1996
    You're in Houston and you need help calling Dallas. The telephone
operator asks you to pick a long-distance company.
    Caller beware.
    If your answer is "I don't know", "I don't care," "it doesn't matter"
or "whoever", you might end up paying a few extra bucks when the bill
    A company in suburban Fort Worth has trademarked those phrases as names
of Texas long-distance carriers whose rates for operator-assisted calls are
about twice those of major companies.
    "It's not deceptive at all," said Dennis Dees, president of KT&T
communication, Inc, holding company for the curiously named subsidiaries.
    Dees, who said the corporate name is only coincidentally similar to that
of phone giant AT&T, is candid when asked about the prices he charges and
the way his company attracts customers.
    "I'm charging a fair price," he said. "I've come up with a name that's
pretty creative and it's successful for us."
    Dees said customers aren't being deceived.
    When callers tell the operator, "I don't care" for example, they are
told they are being connected to a company called I Don't Care, he said.
    "When they do it correctly, you've been warned," Dees said.
    "We're not trying to pretend to be anything we're not," he said.
"We are I Don't Care."

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