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17 Jul
East German "Indian movies" festival

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Subject: East German "Indian movies" festival

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I want to inform you about and ask for your support for an upcoming film
festival featuring East German "Indianerfilme" ("Indian movies"). The
movies were filmed between 1965 and 1978, and they could be categorized
as Westerns, wouldn't it be for the main difference: Native Americans
are the heroes! The movies generally deal with U.S. and specifically
Native American history and culture. They were filmed in former
Yugoslavia, in Romania, former Soviet Union, and East Germany, and have
never been shown outside of Eastern Europe (please see the attached
project description for details).

The film festival will take place in Seattle in early October. Two
leading German TV stations just gave the green light for a production
featuring the festival. We will produce subtitled video versions of some
of the movies, which we will show during the festival. In addition, we
will host the leading actor in all of the movies, Gojko Mitic, who was
the East German "Indian", and because of that a superstar in East
Germany. And, we plan to prepare a little exhibition and WWW pages to
illustrate the cultural & historical background of the movies.

As you can imagine, a project like this needs some resources. We've been
looking for sponsors, both in the U.S. and in Germany, for months now.
Unfortunately, we didn't get enough responses yet (therefore, this
mail:). Some of the $5900 we need for the project, most of which will go
into producing subtitled videos, will be covered by the TV production,
some of it will hopefully come in through a fund-raiser event in
September in Berlin. But we're still in desperate need for additional

And here's my (shameless) idea: if 20 Microsoft film lovers would donate
$20 each, then we would have $400. With Microsoft's gift matching
program, this would make $800. This translates into video projection
equipment rental and advertisement costs. What do you get for 20 bucks?
Free admission to two fun nights of East German "Indian movies",
including an exhibition, a film discussion with the leading actor,
probably an appearance on German TV, and maybe some live music from a
band from Sarajevo... And if you can't make it to the festival - you'd
have the good feeling of having supported a unique project...:)

Please respond to this mail (to me only)! I am also interested in any
idea or any contacts you might have. Feel free to forward this mail as
appropriate. Please don't send money yet, since I still need to finalize
the connection to a not-for-profit umbrella organization. But please, do
respond now.

Thank you so much for your interest,

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