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26 Jul
The Comedian's Eye View from 7/24/96

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Subject: The Comedian's Eye View from 7/24/96

Excerpted-from: Shoptalk
		Don Fitzpatrick <>

 "Canada made their Olympic swim team sign a contract saying they would not
 have sex during the Games," says NBC's Conan O'Brien.  "Which is a shame
 because that would have been cool to watch on those underwater cameras."

 From David Letterman: "I think for me the highlight of the Opening
 Ceremonies of the Summer Olympics was the singing of the song 'We Are the
 World' by the Nike Sweatshop Children's Choir."

 US soccer coach Bruce Arena complained that NBC wasn't showing his team's
 games.  "How many times do we have to go through this?" says Norman Chad
 of the Washington Post.  "If you could put soccer in a bottle, I think it
 would be called NyQuil."

 Torch songs: Eastman Kodak gave inexpensive cameras to 80,000 people who
 attended opening ceremonies at the Olympics.  Jerry Perisho was a little
 disappointed.  "When I heard there would be 80,000 flashers, I envisioned
 something totally different."

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