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26 Jul
Welcome to Berkeley California

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From: Peter Langston <psl>
Date: Fri, 26 Jul 96 23:28:22 -0700
To: Fun_People
Subject: Welcome to Berkeley California

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* This is written in light of the AT&T-BSDI lawsuit, and the
*   recent trend with Sun towards System V and away from Good Ol' BSD.
*        (Sung to the tune "Hotel California" by the Eagles)
*         In a dark dim machine room
*         Cool A/C in my hair
*         Warm smell of silicon
*         Rising up through the air
*         Up ahead in the distance
*         I saw a Solarian(tm) light
*         My kernel grew heavy, and my disk grew slim
*         I had to halt(8) for the night
*         The backup spun in the tape drive
*         I heard a terminal bell
*         And I was thinking to myself
*         This could be BSD or USL
*         Then they started a lawsuit
*         And they showed me the way
*         There were salesmen down the corridor
*         I thought I heard them say
*         Welcome to Berkeley California
*         Such a lovely place
*         Such a lovely place (backgrounded)
*         Such a lovely trace(1)
*         Plenty of jobs at Berkeley California
*         Any time of year
*         Any time of year (backgrounded)
*         You can find one here
*         You can find one here
*         Their code was definitely twisted
*         But they've got the stock market trends
*         They've got a lot of pretty, pretty lawyers
*         That they call friends
*         How they dance in the courtroom
*         See BSDI sweat
*         Some sue to remember
*         Some sue to forget
*         So I called up Kernighan
*         Please bring me ctime(3)
*         He said
*         We haven't had that tm_year since 1969
*         And still those functions are calling from far away
*         Wake up Jobs in the middle of the night
*         Just to hear them say
*         Welcome to Berkeley California
*         Such a lovely Place
*         Such a lovely Place (backgrounded)
*         Such a lovely trace(1)
*         They're livin' it up suing Berkeley California
*         What a nice surprise
*         What a nice surprise (backgrounded)
*         Bring your alibis
*         Windows NT a dreaming
*         Pink OS on ice
*         And they said
*         We are all just prisoners here
*         Of a marketing device
*         And in the judges's chambers
*         They gathered for the feast
*         They diff(1)'d the source code listings
*         But they can't kill -9 the beast
*         Last thing I remember
*         I was restore(8)'ing | more(1)
*         I had to find the soft link back to the path I was before
*         sleep(3) said the pagedaemon
*         We are programmed to recv(2)
*         You can swap out any time you like
*         But you can never leave(1)
*         [ substitute whirring of disk and tape drives for guitar solo ]
*        Written by David Barr <
*        and Ken Hornstein <
*        and a little help from Greg Nagy <
*        and thanks to the lyrics archive at

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